Zoi's creator is a dedicated, purposeful entrepreneur with a very special vision. For him, the most important thing is to bring real value to people's everyday life - in the form of small everyday miracles.

The Zoi brand is inspired by this attitude, its products contribute to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

The challenge for us was to pass on the goodwill and positive radiance that our client represents to consumers who first lift a Zoi product off the shelf.

To create the ideal solution, we held a worskhop to accurately understand the target audience and the ideas behind the brand. Then we researched, we crissed the market, we collected ideas, we were inspired. Only then did we begin the planning, which we finalized in close cooperation with the client. Along the way, as usual, we asked for feedback from the target group in addition to the immediate stakeholders, so that we could really convey the message we wanted.

After everyone was satisfied with the appearance of the brand, we moved on to the label design. As a brand and product line, it was important to take into account the cost of production, so we had to design the best possible look with splits.

Zoi's first products, energy bars, were launched at the end of 2021 with breakthrough success. We will continue to work together and look forward to zoi's next product lines.

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