This children’s hair salon was already a well-established business in the II. district of Budapest, Hungary. It became part of many local families' lives, with children not willing to endure a haircut anywhere else.

After almost a decade of running a successful and much appreciated business, the owner decided it was time to expand, so that other communities would be able to enjoy the experience as well. She concluded the best way to do so would be by creating a franchise.

Our challenge with this project was to identify the aspects of the brand that made the atmosphere unique, create a Brand Strategy that would enable expansion, and apply this to a scalable, well-defined yet non-confining Brand Identity.

Our work enabled the brand to expand beyond its single location and successfully open their first franchise location.

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The hair salon was founded by a mother who was fed up with the options children had for getting a fresh haircut. She had seen many great solutions while traveling across America, which she was determined to implement in her hometown of Budapest, Hungary. Thus, Tincses Sziget was born in 2008.

Over the past decade of running the business, the founder always remained determined to provide the best possible experience for her customers – the children – and of course parents as well. Her ambition and personality were reflected in every aspect of the hair salon, she instinctively created a brand which became well-known and truly appreciated in the local community.

Taking such a business, which is so strongly connected to the founder’s person, and trying to scale it is always very risky. Will you be able to replicate the charm of the original shop? How will you keep the chain from losing its magic and becoming a commodity?


It was extremely important for us to make sure we understood every aspect of the founder and her brand before beginning to do anything. We decided it would be best if we visited the shop frequently, had many conversations with the founder and of course the customers.

Only after a month of observations and dozens of conversations did we feel comfortable with beginning to setting up a Brand Strategy.

We defined the purpose of the brand and the positioning, identified the most valuable customers and core values.

Next, we redesigned the Brand Identity. It was crucial for the brand to remain familiar, while creating a more modern and scalable look and feel. We wanted to lay down the ground rules for communication, in a way that future franchisees would instantly be able to adopt them and make the brand their own.

At the same time, it was important to design the new Brand for expansion, making sure it was flexible enough to serve a single location as well as a hundred.


With our help, the new Brand was born, together with the first franchised shop. The new location reflected the values of the founder, not only in its appearance, but in the way the business was run, the customers were interacted with, and the employees behave.

Our goal was to help more children and parents be part of a unique experience, in the exact way it was originally meant – according to the feedback of the new customers, the franchisee and the founder, we managed to achieve our goal.

The first franchisee (left) and the founder (right) at the opening of the first franchise location


This project has been special to us, as we connected with the founder and her team on a personal level. We admire the work that has gone into creating such a respected business, and feel privileged to be part of spreading it to a wider audience.  

We look forward to working with Tincses Sziget to guide them on their path of bringing joy to kids and parents all of Hungary.

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