The investor behind Sun and Sea Hotels decided to create a hotel chain that goes above and beyond providing comfortable accommodation and great gastronomy. He wanted to provide holiday-goers with a complete experience.

We were presented with more than just a concept - the client had a strategy ready. Our role was to design a Brand Identity that would fairly represent what he had envisioned. As this was a new chain, it was crucial we provide a framework rather than a strict set of rules, to allow the Identity to grow with the Brand, and for new additions to the chain to have their own personalities while maintaining the core values and essence of Sun and Sea.

Through close collaboration with the client’s team, we managed to design an Identity that is distinctive yet flexible. We applied this new Identity to a  website and brand collateral.

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Most Western travelers who visit beach resorts at exotic destinations are confined within the boundaries of the property for most of their stay. Even though they are physically in a remote location, they mentally remain at home, with an addition of a beach and a nice view. The client had envisioned a hotel chain that allows its guests to immerse themselves in the culture of their destination country. To truly experience the surroundings, participate in local activities, meet the people and truly leave behind the troubles of home.

When we were first contacted about this project, there was already a vision, a strategy and a tight deadline. As the first official appearance of the hotel chain, at a trade fair, was due in in only 4 months, we had to come up with a complex Brand Identity and design a website and marketing materials in record time.


To address the issue of a short timeframe, we decided to do something quite unorthodox - we began working on Brand Identity and Brand Execution simultaneously.

While one team was busy translating the core values into a visual and verbal language, another was working on website functions and layout.

We were able to accept this challenge with confidence in a positive outcome, because we had a sound strategy to work with, and direct access to decision makers. We had all the help we needed, the client provided us with research and quick feedback. This enabled us to work at a fast pace, going through many iterations in a matter of weeks.

Once we had the final Identity, we applied that to our wireframes, marketing materials, and other brand collateral.


We managed to complete the project just in time. By the time the trade fair opened, all the marketing materials were in place, the booth was beautifully designed, and the website was up and running.

The trade fair turned out to be a success. The new brand was introduced to the professional audience and began its journey on the road to making exotic travel an immersive experience.

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