hummusbar is a highly successful international chain of Middle Eastern fast-casual restaurants. Our job was to help them gain ground in the digital world. In order to achieve this, we planned our attack from three directions: a modern website, a native mobile app and a kiosk for ordering in-store.

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Our job was to bring hummusbar into the digital world - a project we began early 2020, before the pandemic, and which suddenly became even more relevant with the outbreak.

The challenge was to digitize the essence of hummusbar, while keeping everything that makes the chain unique - the atmosphere, the attention to detail, the hospitality and most of all the love that goes into it all.


During our strategic sessions, we identified a few main goals for hummusbar: (1) improving brand awareness among target customer groups, (2) increasing sales, (3) improving the hiring process and (4) helping to grow the franchise network.

Our plan was to attack from three angles: modern website, a native mobile app and a kiosk for ordering in-store.

The website was the most important tool, which aimed to address all of the above goals, focusing on brand awareness, HR and the franchise network. After examining the target personas for each goal, we designed the content & structure separately by persona, taking into account their specific needs and wants. We built wireframes and reviewed them closely together with the hummusbar team. Next, the visual concepts were created – this was an especially sensitive phase, as the brand is very meticulous about their identity, which was never before successfully implemented in a digital form. Once everyone was satisfied, the prototypes were designed and thoroughly tested. Finally, we reached development phase, and implemented a powerful CMS to manage everything from menus and open positons throughout branches and countries, to blog posts and promotions. We also added a localizing solution which allows for easy translations.

As part of the digitization project, we also designed a native mobile app for hummusbar, that would enable users to pre-order their meals, or by using it as a menu in the restaurant, to order to their table, thus serving goal (2) – increasing sales.

The kiosk, also a solution for goal (2), is part of the next-generation of hummusbar branches, which aims to simplify and quicken the ordering process, as well as to make it safer in the aftermath of Covid-19, by eliminating the need for human contact.


By implementing a holistic approach, we were able to bring hummusbar into the digital world with a bang. Though definitely not the first to take the digital leap, they were able to do so with a thoughtful strategy and possibly arrive ahead of competition.


We look forward to seeing the new digital tools being implemented, and to continue our cooperation with hummusbar in continually improving them.

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