hummusbar is an international chain of Middle Eastern fast-casual restaurants. Our job was to redesign the menu to make the ordering process smoother, aiming for higher customer satisfaction, increased efficiency for waiting staff and eventually a growth in sales.

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We were asked by hummusbar to redesign their menu system, as it often caused confusion among their customers, making the job of the staff harder and slowing down the ordering process.

Our challenge was to create a clear menu, where the categories are well defined and the process is evident, while honoring the uniqueness of hummusbar and the kind of foods they offer – handmade & heartfelt.


First, we had to inspect the existing menu and understand its issues. Through customer interviews, we understood that part of the confusion came from similarly named items across several categories. Furthermore, the descriptions weren't consistent, some of them were factual, listing ingredients, while others told short stories.

In addition to redesigning the existing menu, we had to add toppings, which was a new concept to be introduced together with the new menu system.

We began by deconstructing the menu. Next, we went through each item, inspecting its name and description. We rewrote confusing naming and unified descriptions. We also decided to physically separate categories, to make sure they were clear to understand.

We achieved this by using a double gate fold on the printed version, and separate panels on the display version.


By rebuilding the menu from scratch, working on the copy, redesigning the layout, reducing clutter and highlighting important information, we created a menu that was clearer to understand and could provide a faster, smoother ordering experience

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