We were approached by a young entrepreneur, who was in the process of launching a new fashion brand. He had a strong vision and some fundamentals, such as logo and typography, and was in need of a website to showcase his brand and sell his products.

Our challenge was to grasp the essence of his idea and translate it into a digital platform. Through collaboration and continuous adjustments, we went from an elaborate concept to a minimalist design, which is what proved most desirable for the envisioned target audience.

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As this was our first project within the fashion industry, it was definitely a new and exciting challenge. We needed to dig deep and explore this territory, focused especially on brands targeting young consumers.

It was also our job to help our client express himself by translating his vision into tangible communication tools.

We also had to assess his current, and anticipate his future needs, and match them to the right technologies, upon which to build the website.


We began with formulating a strategy. In order to do so, we did some extensive research to familiarize ourselves with the specifics of the fashion industry. Next, we created a detailed comparison of the technologies we deemed eligible.

After presenting these to the client, he was able to make well-informed decisions.

Once we had the strategy laid out, we began planning the information architecture and stylescapes. The client was involved every step of the way, giving us valuable feedback to work by. This method allows us to waist as little resources as possible, while ensuring a satisfactory outcome.

When the content and style were agreed upon, we designed the wireframes, and finally dressed them up to create a prototype.

We used the prototype to test the website and made some necessary adjustments. Once everything seemed on point, we developed the live website.  


With the help of our collaborative process, we were able to help the client understand what was truly needed, and what was perhaps superfluous. The designs started out quite heavy with complementary visual elements, but by the time we were finished, only the essentials remained.

By working closely together, always referring to the strategy when in doubt, and testing with the target audience, we were able to build a site that truly resonates with the aspired customers.

Our client was also very satisfied with the outcome.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our client decided to wait with the launch of his new brand.

We are impatiently looking forward to seeing the brand come to life, once the economic and social environment are appropriate.

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