The two founders of EEG both came from a background in the education industry. During the course of their careers, they realized there was a need for a provider of education opportunities abroad, one which not only curated great opportunities but guided their clients through the experience, making sure they got the most out of their invested time without the hassle of organizing everything from scratch. The idea for Education Europe Group was born.

Our challenge was to create a brand that would be relevant in a global environment, from South America to Asia, in both the B2B and B2C spaces.

We laid down the foundations by creating a Brand Strategy, and designed a versatile Brand Identity that could be young and fresh when addressing young students, and more serious when addressing schools and travel agencies, all the while remaining true to its purpose:

providing experiences to costumers eager for knowledge in a global environment with a trustworthy voice, helping them feel inspired and gain knowledge.
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The two founders of EEG, Gabi and Haoxin approached us with a very specific vision: they wanted to provide students all over the world, mainly focused on South America and China, with great education opportunities in Europe.

Their plan was to work with students directly as well as through local high schools, travel agencies and other partner organizations.

We needed to create a brand that would be just as relevant in São Paulo as in Beijing and be able to speak to young students and professionals working in the industry alike.


In order to achieve this, we first had to define the purpose and values of EEG and identify the many different customer personas. As the range of personas was largely diverse, we realized the need to design a Brand Identity that would be versatile and dynamic.

It was also important to stand out within the overcrowded, fairly monotonous education-travel space to show that EEG was a different breed of education-related provider, one that would take care of their clients’ every need, from the choosing the right experience, through traveling and living abroad, to the day they arrive safely back home.


We came up with a Brand Identity that is dynamic and easily adaptable to all situations and circumstances, is able to stand out from the crowd when needed, and able to blend in and conform to norms when necessary, all the while staying true to its core values.

We designed a full package of brand collateral, from business cards to social media creatives for the brand to successfully start its journey to making education better, more enjoyable and effective.


Getting to know the two founders and experiencing their ambition, we are confident that EEG will grow to be well-known brand in its industry.

We look forward to seeing the company succeed and perhaps work with them again in the next stage of its development.

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