Have you got a website that was carefully designed, but the development seems like a painful struggle?

You've put in a lot of effort and dedicated a lot of resources to design the perfect website for your startup. Perhaps you've even done extensive research and commissioned the best UX and UI designers to come up with the best possible solution. Now you've got an amazing design, but it seems like too much effort to get it properly developed.

Do you experience the following?

The budget and timing for development is getting out of hand.

All the fuss about your website is getting in the way of doing business.

You're starting to think about compromising your design just to get it done and over with.

Get a completely custom website built for your startup in under a week, starting at 300.000 Ft*

No nonsense.
Just an amazing website, delivered efficiently.


290.000 Ft

Instead of 450.000

plus storage**

2 x 30 minutes consultation

5 static pages based on your design (Figma / Adobe XD)

2 basic collections

1 advanced collection

one Tier 1 service included


590.000 Ft

Instead of 900.000

plus storage**

3 x 30 minutes consulting

8 static pages based on your design (Figma / Adobe XD)

4 basic collection pages

2 advanced collection pages

one Tier 2 service included


990.000 Ft

Instead of 1.390.000

plus storage**

4 x 30 minutes consultation

15 static pages based on your design (Figma / Adobe XD)

8 basic collection pages

4 advanced collection pages

one Tier 3 service included

Additional services

Tier 1

30.000 Ft

For each of the following
  • Upload 10 collection items
  • Basic animations
  • Extra 30 minutes consulting

Tier 2

60.000 Ft

For each of the following
  • Complex animations
  • Extra static page
  • Extra basic collection page

Tier 3

90.000 Ft

For each of the following
  • Extra advanced collection page
  • Custom code functions (up to 3 hours work)

Need UX/UI design? We've got you covered.

Digital interface design

All packages include the following


Webflow is a state-of-the-art no-code website builder.


You provide the design, we'll deliver a working website.


Unlike WISYWIG designers, Webflow has no design limitations.


Webflow offers advanced CMS capability, to easily manage blogs, projects etc.


Edit text and images directly on the page. It's so simple a child could do it.


Host with Webflow, and never worry about security, updates, or anything IT-ish.

*Offer is valid for startups only. To qualify as a startup, your company should be no older than 3 years, or less than 1M in ARR, and provide an innovative solution in a fast-changing environment. We reserve the right to classify your company.
One week lead time applicable for Starter package, in case you provide all designs prior to engagement.

**Find Webflow hosting fees here. It's possible to export the code and host it on any server of your choice. In that case, the hosting fee does not apply.

***CMS and Editor available in case of hosting with Webflow. In case of hosting on your own server, these features will not be available.

Looking for more? Not a startup?
Get in touch for a custom offer.

Websites we've built efficiently in Webflow

Website for tech startup

10 basic collections

4 advanced collection pages

Complex animations

Custom code integrations

Go to site

Website for airfreight startup

1 basic collection

1 advanced collection

Basic animations

Custom design

Go to site

Website for education startup

4 basic collection pages

Custom code integratioins

Custom design

Go to site
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Don't take our word for it, hear it from our satisfied clients


What are you waiting for? Drop us a line and let's see if we're the right fit for each other!

Who are we?

We are TASNADI & CO, a team of dedicated creatives and tech-minded people. We strive to make the world a more simple, beautiful and meaningful place. One of the ways we achieve this is through building sites hassle-free in Webflow.

By the way, we are also quite good at brand strategy, identity & digital design, as well as a few other things. More on that here.

Get to know out our entire team here.

Portrait of Oliver TasnadiPortrait of Oliver Tasnadi

Oliver Tasnadi

creative guy

Mark Tasnadi

tech guy

They've done a great job digitising our brand

The TASNADI & CO team did a great job digitizing our brand. The coronavirus pandemic hit us just as we began the project, but they were quick to adapt and adjust, and were good at managing the project while our priorities shifted towards operational tasks. We had our ups and downs, but all together I'm very happy with the outcome.

Uri Gotlibovich
Partner, hummusbar

They do professional work

I first contacted TASNADI & CO about a rebranding project. They translated the essence of the brand into a new, fresh look very cleverly. They have since created a new website for us, are running digital campaigns and designing print materials. They simply do professional work, regardless the task - I'm very satisfied.


It was a pleasure

It was a pleasure working with the guys from TASNADI & CO. I appreciate the flexibility of being available when I need them and proactively shaping the workflow to make it easier for my business.


You're the best!

You are the best! Just to let you know. The visuals you make are often perfect in once. That means you really understand me. Perfect job!


They acted like real project owners

I really appreciate the partnership established with TASNADI & CO. The communication was fast, efficient and they act like real project owners, delivering true quality, steering the project towards a more efficient approach, and genuinely caring about our interests.

Fanni Gyuricza
Marketing Manager, Baby Center

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  3. What are your long-term plans for the website?
  4. Are we the right fit for each other?
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