What to expect?

Once you're done, you'll have a clear, technologically advanced and beautiful website that will act as an effective sales tool.

We crate a plan for how your users will interact with your website.

We design a layout that focuses on understanding and ease of use.

We write headlines that attract the right customers (and get rid of bad customers).

We create the website with the most suitable, safe and easy-to-maintain technology.

What makes a website successful?

It creates value

The task of a website is to create value for your business. This can be done directly, e.g. in the case of a webshop or indirectly, e.g. on a sales supporting portfolio page.

Ir's user-centric

We believe in a people-centered approach and serving your customers.
We begin eaach project with the user, keeping their best interests in mind, because they are the ones who will make the brand successful.

It represents the brand

The website is the brand's ambassador in the digital space. Consistent communication and professional appearance build trust in users, which is essential for branding.


The four-step approach we have used with countless customers and is constantly improve to guarantee a successful outcome.


Discovery & Understanding

We'll map out the problem and get to know the business. Our goal is to gain insight into the processes, exploring development opportunities. We're looking at how we can work together successfully.


Developing a strategy

The key to a successful project is to have a (or more) well-defined, measurable, relevant goal(s). Based on a personal or online consultation, we will work out the strategy, and if we all agree, this will be the basis for everything we do during the project.


Research & Planning

Along the lines of the strategy, we will assess the possibilities. We'll research, we'll experiment, we'll draw sketches. We will examine and evaluate possible solutions and discuss them with you.


Application & testing

This is the part where we create the deliverables. We work up the identity, design the logo, create the web design and develop the website. If necessary, we will test, evaluate and re-design until we get the desired result.

Services and results

UX & User Journey

Information architecture


UI design

Visual appearance and design system

Technology consulting

Web development


Satisfied customers

They've done a great job digitising our brand

The TASNADI & CO team did a great job digitizing our brand. The coronavirus pandemic hit us just as we began the project, but they were quick to adapt and adjust, and were good at managing the project while our priorities shifted towards operational tasks. We had our ups and downs, but all together I'm very happy with the outcome. 

Uri Gotlibovich
Partner, hummusbar

You're the best!

You are the best! Just to let you know. The visuals you make are often perfect in once. That means you really understand me. Perfect job!

Philip Wallage
owner, Het Fietshuys

They simply do professional work

I first contacted TASNADI & CO about a rebranding project. They translated the essence of the brand into a new, fresh look very cleverly. They have since created a new website for us, are running digital campaigns and designing print materials. They simply do professional work, regardless the task - I'm very satisfied.

Owner, Tsipras Island

It was a pleasure

It was a pleasure working with the guys from TASNADI & CO. I appreciate the flexibility that they have when I need them and proactively shape the workflow to make it easier for my business.

Bence György
owner, gold b consulting

They acted like real project owners

I really appreciate the partnership established with TASNADI & CO. The communication was fast, efficient and they act like real project owners, delivering true quality, steering the project towards a more efficient approach, and genuinely caring about our interests.

Fanni Gyuricza
Marketing manager, Babacentrum

Want to be the most attractive service for your customers?

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If you are wondering how we can work together, write us a message or contact us directly. We will arrange a 30-minute online meeting to get to know each other.

During the call, we will clarify the following:

  1. What are your goals for your business?
  2. What are the challenges standing in your way?
  3. Your current plans and activities
  4. Do we see an opportunity to cooperate?
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