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The Manifest Names TASNADI & CO As A Most Reviewed Digital Design Consultants In Hungary

It’s been three years since we started TASNADI & CO. Throughout those years, we’ve been aligning your goals with the needs of your customers, creating a successful brand experience through combining creativity and technology.

In recognition of our success and impact, we’ve been highlighted as a most reviewed vendor on The Manifest, a company listing platform.

Here’s a timeline of events at InData Labs:

In 2018, Olivér Tasnádi founded TASNADI & CO with a mission to enable companies to create customer-centric brands by utilizing their true long-term potential. In all those years, our purpose remains to be able to help small to medium-sized companies, in need of change, to take the leap to the next level — whatever that might be.

After a few years, we’ve worked with Caffé Mauro, a family restaurant that was looking to have its brand strategy, identity, and application developed. The project was to create a digital window, through which existing and potential customers can have a peek into the bustling, friendly place even before setting foot inside the restaurant.

This year marks another milestone for TASNADI & CO as The Manifest named us a leading and most reviewed digital design consultant in Hungary. For further context, The Manifest is a business news and how-to B2B platform helping buyers find the right service providers by skimming their free shortlists of the top-performing agencies from around the world.

The Most Reviewed Company Award on The Manifest features the 15 companies on each listing page that have received the most number of new reviews in the past 12 months. Companies will also have the opportunity to show off their latest client feedback through a press release on The Manifest.

Our journey doesn’t end here! We’re thrilled to achieve more success in the future! Check out our awesome team here, or reach out if you’re ready to start a project!

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