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At TASNADI & CO, we help companies move forward by helping them build meaningful relationships with their customers. We’re a Hungary-based branding agency that focuses on brand strategy, identity design, and website design & development

We believe in creating consumer-focused designs and building long-term partnerships as the way towards success. Although we have a small team, we have the expertise to deliver world-class branding services to SMEs in Europe and beyond.

We’re thrilled to announce that Clutch recently recognized our efforts and awarded us the honor of being a top branding company!

Clutch is a B2B market research company in the heart of Washington, DC that aims to help businesses of all sizes identify and connect with the agencies they need to achieve their goals. They cover diverse industries such as IT, business services, advertising, and marketing

Their team of analysts conducts in-depth interviews with clients about the quality of their engagement with service providers. Clutch also carefully creates list of the market leaders by industry and location, to enable companies to establish credibility and to allow buyers to find the right provider. 

Considering Clutch’s prestige and careful methodology, we are proud to receive this recognition. It validates our hard work and dedication to success. “We are thrilled to have been chosen as one of the leading branding firms in Hungary,” said Oliver Tasnadi, creative director and CEO of TASNADI & CO. The award inspires our team to become more innovative and creative with our branding strategies.

One of the reasons why Clutch named us an industry leader was our stellar performance on their platform. We currently have a perfect 5-star rating on our Clutch profile. There, you can read what our clients have to say about working with us. 

Hear it from the Owner of Tinces Sziget, a children hair salon:

“TASNADI & CO really managed to capture the essence of our business, in a way that way seemed trivial once it was finished, but we never could have come up with it ourselves. They really respected all the love that had gone into creating this business over the past decade.”

Do you want to improve your company’s branding? Contact us today, and let’s discuss how we can help you move forward! 

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